Do wholesome books sell?

When I began writing I was given one piece of advice. Either write erotica or cursing into your book or don't write a book. The emphasis was on the fact that in today's society the only flavor of book people want leans less on story and more on the taboo. Given the rise of the … Continue reading Do wholesome books sell?


THE FIREBIRD’S TRAIL – by Louisa Dwyer

Where to start with this book.  Some people write a book and its a story with a purpose and a plot.  They write them in a way that gets you from A to B as quickly as possible and in a way that is high octane for a book. The Firebirds Trail is different.  Rather … Continue reading THE FIREBIRD’S TRAIL – by Louisa Dwyer

Commitment to your goals. (Writing books)

In any walk of life there are a few things that are required for success.  Among these and ranking with the most important  is continuing commitment.   Most of us has taken a notion at some stage or other for a hobby or skill and yet not carried through with it in the end.  Most reasons … Continue reading Commitment to your goals. (Writing books)