Do wholesome books sell?

When I began writing I was given one piece of advice. Either write erotica or cursing into your book or don't write a book. The emphasis was on the fact that in today's society the only flavor of book people want leans less on story and more on the taboo. Given the rise of the … Continue reading Do wholesome books sell?


Back Ache

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people go about life with aches and pains but are unwilling to do anything about them.   I for one used to be one of them a couple years back I would come home from work absolutely exhausted and couldn't figure out why.  My back ached and … Continue reading Back Ache

Fighting your inner demons of loneliness and depression.

This is always a hard subject to speak about. Believe it or not, even someone like me who has found satisfaction in life still gets haunted by his past demons. I think it all started when I was bullied at school.  Getting smacked about by someone three times your size can do a real job … Continue reading Fighting your inner demons of loneliness and depression.