Williams War – About – Part 1

With the upcoming release of my coming of age, sci-fi novella I thought I would blog on what was driving me when I put fingers to keyboard. About William's War: Set in a world five hundred years from now the Earth has been under attack for seventy years.  A fourteen-year-old boy is drawn from present … Continue reading Williams War – About – Part 1


Interview with an Author series Pt 3

For today's Interview with an author, we have Owen Mullen on to tell us about his book.  In harm's way. "Please explain the WHY you wrote the book" In Harm's way was inspired by the #metoo movement. After many wonderful conversations with a very strong lady who survived several encounters, I knew where I wanted … Continue reading Interview with an Author series Pt 3

Commitment to your goals. (Writing books)

In any walk of life there are a few things that are required for success.  Among these and ranking with the most important  is continuing commitment.   Most of us has taken a notion at some stage or other for a hobby or skill and yet not carried through with it in the end.  Most reasons … Continue reading Commitment to your goals. (Writing books)