Life is too short – by Niveditha Praveen

Every so often I review another's work and so I had the joy of reading Life is too short - by Niveditha Praveen.


Commitment to your goals. (Writing books)

In any walk of life there are a few things that are required for success.  Among these and ranking with the most important  is continuing commitment.   Most of us has taken a notion at some stage or other for a hobby or skill and yet not carried through with it in the end.  Most reasons … Continue reading Commitment to your goals. (Writing books)

Fighting your inner demons of loneliness and depression.

This is always a hard subject to speak about. Believe it or not, even someone like me who has found satisfaction in life still gets haunted by his past demons. I think it all started when I was bullied at school.  Getting smacked about by someone three times your size can do a real job … Continue reading Fighting your inner demons of loneliness and depression.