Do wholesome books sell?

When I began writing I was given one piece of advice. Either write erotica or cursing into your book or don't write a book. The emphasis was on the fact that in today's society the only flavor of book people want leans less on story and more on the taboo. Given the rise of the … Continue reading Do wholesome books sell?


Why writer’s need a break.

It was Saturday night and I had the grand idea of writing a blog and postponing it's publishing until Monday. I sat at the keyboard and prepared to mash away the next important topic that came into my skull. The difficulty with that was nothing would come. It was 11pm and I was just after … Continue reading Why writer’s need a break.

Blood Frost: Ankarrah Chronicles Book One – by J.D. Dexter

Blood Frost by J.D. Dexter was an interesting take on Urban Fantasy.   The first thing you notice when you open the pages is that the book is relevant.  The author makes mention of different events and things that help make the book feel like it belongs in this world.  On top of that, the … Continue reading Blood Frost: Ankarrah Chronicles Book One – by J.D. Dexter