Williams War – About – Part 1

With the upcoming release of my coming of age, sci-fi novella I thought I would blog on what was driving me when I put fingers to keyboard.

About William’s War:

Set in a world five hundred years from now the Earth has been under attack for seventy years.  A fourteen-year-old boy is drawn from present day and cast into the future where he discovers he has the ability to turn his soul energy into a weapon.  Only one other person has this ability and she has no time for Will.  Driven by anger Sara only cares about killing the invaders who have more in common with mankind than Will and Sara realize.

I wanted to draw out different dimensions in my characters.  Rather than steer towards the stereotypical Male/Female characters, I wanted to show how we are shaped by our past, present and the beliefs that we grew up with.

William: A fourteen-year-old boy that finds himself in a war zone five hundred years in the future.  Forced to fight and develop his ability leaves him out of his comfort zone and needing help.

Sara: For a female MC I felt inspired by the many images I noticed of women fighting against IS.  I wanted a strong FMC that was shaped by all she knew, willing to defend her people to the last.

The Antagonist:  My idea for the antagonist came from today’s society.  We live in a predominantly capitalist society where the strong prey on the weak, my goal was to develop that mindset into a foe that tried to justify its cause based on ownership and strength.


Williams war is currently on Pre-order and due for release on 1st November. 

Get your copy preordered by clicking on the link below.




The Way of Mathias is permanently free at the outlets listed in the link below.  It was the first book I released and the second book is now available on Amazon.  Feel free to download a copy.



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