Interview with an Author series Pt 2

For the second episode of Interview with an Author we have Maria Gibbs with her series The Children from the Streets.



In her own words

The Children from the Streets series started with one book, it was only meant to be one book but the characters keep whispering in my ear that their story needs to be told until I now have six books planned, the third of which is going to the editor in November.

I was doing some research for another series that I was writing and I bought a book by foreign correspondent Christina Lamb, I wanted some information on being a foreign correspondent in Afghanistan. Christina wrote about her time in Brazil and the children who lived on the streets, little bodies lying on the floor on bundles of rags. Their numbers were culled, not as you might think by helping them, but by killing them. From there came the germ of an idea, twin baby boys orphaned at birth, one is adopted to a life of luxury and the other is discarded on the streets of Rio. It takes twelve years for them to be reunited and what happens next shakes both of their lives.

I’ve been writing since I was about seven or eight years old, I love escaping into a good book and when I realized that I could recreate new worlds myself, I was hooked. I have so many thoughts and ideas twisting and turning in my head, so I almost never shut down. I would love to be able to make a living from my books but until then I work for a security company doing Front of House and building management.

In my spare time, I do what I love most, I write. The process of writing for me is the easy part. I’m mainly what they call a ‘pantser’ I write naturally without plotting and planning every detail, but that’s not to say that I don’t have to do some planning to join the dots. If the words don’t want to flow then I don’t stress it, I go to another WIP (work in progress) or read back through what I’ve already written, or catch up on character profiles. The hardest part of writing for me comes in the form of the back matter for the book and marketing the book.

When I’m not writing I’m training for the half marathon I’m running next weekend with my sister or riding my motorbike, both of which provide amazing stress relief.

If you are interested in following Maria then feel free to click on the blog and facebook links below:

My opinion

The series premise has been tried before, this leaves more weight on the Authors shoulders to bring a stronger and more interesting story to hold the reader’s attention.  One thing I will say about this kind of series, if you end up picking a favorite brother then the author has done a good job.

Check out Amazon for Maria’s work and feel free to leave any opinions if you buy the book.


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