Interview with an Author Series Part 1

Interview with an author this week brings in a different genre than in times past.  The Authoress is Amelia Hendry and the book contains genuine social services documents and a police interview/conviction which has never been shown before, including how abusive relationships affected her childhood.




In Amelia’s on words:

I am a mum and a survivor. I wrote my book What Nobody Knew to help other people who have been through similar experiences and to educate people who are unaware of what goes on behind closed doors. I have no previous writing experience, I’m just one person who wants to change the world for the better and turn something bad into something good.


Tell us more about yourself.

I have been an author for a year and a half, I love writing because I feel it comes easy to me, I have always been good with words so I think the passion comes from when I was younger because I used to read a lot. I must say my preferred genre is fiction.

My Opinion

After interviewing Amelia and seeing just how far this book has come I personally feel I will be getting a copy in the in coming weeks.  Abuse as a child is a very serious topic, as someone that is regularly involved in youth work, I feel passionate that young people are guarded against predators and given the help and support they need growing up.  Once I visited the books facebook page I noticed just how much traction it was gathering including a reply for HRH Kate Middleton.
The fact that in this day and age, young children are preyed on by those they need the most is a disgrace.  Do your bit and support Amelia by following her Facebook page and at least looking at her book which is available at the stores listed below.

The book’s facebook page is:


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