Interview with an Author!

From time to time I down tools and pull out my Kindle.  It is the heart of every author to become a better writer and I find there is no better way than immersing yourself in someone else’s work.  Today we look at the latest work of John A Gray and also ask some questions to get you into the head of the man himself.
Legend and Lore by John A Gray

John kindly sent me an ARC copy for an honest review and at a packed 482 pages, it meant I needed to put the kettle on.  Legend and Lore: In human skin is due for release on 25th August and currently available on pre-order.

Most people that have read my books know I’m a P.C, child/YA friendly author.  If I were to describe John’s work then it would be the complete opposite of my style… and I love it.  The sheer real-world honesty is something often lacking in today’s novels.

Writing Style

I found John’s writing style to be both descriptive and penetrating.  The words flowed without becoming encombering to the novel.

Subject matter

Adult – From the first page John makes it known that Lincon the main character is going through a difficult time.  Laying the groundwork to the characters state of mind comes in the form of a physically abusive father.  Subjects that are mentioned or touched upon are those of an adult nature yet John deals with them with a driven focus to paint a canvas that prepares you for the rest of the story.  I’m desperate to mention why everything links in but if I do then I may spoil the story and can say no more otherwise… John will hunt me down and end me.


Dark, Urban Fantasy.

Book Blurb

As a boy, Lincoln saw his abusive father killed by a monster. As an adult he doesn’t believe in monsters- or in anything else- until a mysterious man called Mr. Clarke offers him membership of an exclusive organisation known only as ‘Lore.’

If you are wealthy and discreet, they can show you the secrets of our universe, and others too. Not content to stay on the fringes of the company, Lincoln begins to work for Lore’s Outlander unit, under Clarke’s supervision. Here, he determines to put the mundane world and his old life behind him… but past and future are not so easily detached, and soon events are set in motion that will put his new team at great risk. Together, Lincoln and the Outlander unit will go on a dark odyssey into the very heart of the company…

Q. Describe your preferred style and genre of writing.

Preferred style of writing- I like deep characters and gritty, edgy stories, preferably with horror, sci-fi or fantasy elements.

Q. Who would you class as your greatest influences growing up and what finally persuaded you to become a writer?

My greatest influence has been the two great Stephens- Spielberg and King. Both walk a line between fear and wonder that appeals to me very powerfully, although King is obviously much darker.  I’ve always wanted to write but went through a long period of wanting to direct movies. Turns out that’s not easy to get into, but with writing, you can tell any story you want, with zero budget required.

Q. Do you have any regrets about becoming a writer or has it all been one-way traffic?

I have no regrets at all, even though it’s not an easy path. It takes a lot of self-motivation and patience.

Q. Describe legends and lore from the author’s point of view, what was your end goal?

With Legend and Lore, I wanted to write something to mystify the reader, to make them feel fear and wonder at the same time. I also wanted to talk about how cruelty lives beyond one moment, haunting the victim’s life.

Q. What direction do you plan to take for your next book?

I have a good idea where the next Legend and Lore book is going but aside fromthat I want to write some science fiction and epic fantasy.

Pop quiz:

Lotr or Harry Potter
Dune or Star Wars
Death by poison or hanging
Glass half full or half empty
Pain is a tool or Pain is a punishment
Paperback or electronic

1. Lord of the RIngs
2. Star Wars
3. Depends on the poison. Hanging is quick if you do it right. (Writers know weird stuff)
4. Both.
5. Pain is a tool.
6. Paperback.

Buy Legend and Lore on Amazon USA
Buy Legend and Lore on Amazon UK
Thanks for taking the time to look at John’s work.  It means so much to us author’s when someone shows appreciation.  A Review, an e-mail or even a sale, it all counts you may never know that you were the deciding factor in the next Stephen King coming to fruition simply by a nice gesture.

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