The Reign of Mathias

Finally, the book is finished.  Arc copies have been sent out and pre-orders are available on Amazon.


The Reign of Mathias takes place two years after the finish of the last book.  This time I wanted to delve more deeply into the characters of each character.  I found the book enjoyable to write and felt like I managed to pour more feeling into it than its predecessor.


With so many new characters on the stage and with Fidem being explored more in the book, I feel the reader will fall deeper into the world that I’m portraying.


The entire series will consist of between three and five books with the third to be released between September and January.


For the entire period of pre-order, the book will be half price at $1.50 along with the first book in the series.


This is just a short update from a very tired ( and happy) writer who is going to take a very well earned few days off from writing.



I just wanted to say a word of thanks to my artist Umar who made the cover for this book for a modest $20.  Finding a good artist who gives good prices is rare.  I don’t plan on shopping elsewhere.  IF you want his contact information just leave a comment or e-mail me at


Thanks, people