Do wholesome books sell?

When I began writing I was given one piece of advice. Either write erotica or cursing into your book or don’t write a book. The emphasis was on the fact that in today’s society the only flavor of book people want leans less on story and more on the taboo.

Given the rise of the Fifty shades franchise and how for many years novels have become increasingly more “real,” one would find difficulty in arguing with that opinion. Please don’t mistake me for a prude or a “fun sponge” more rather I would that you mistake me for a purist. My first foray into books was reading Dune after watching the film and yes I know the book has its naughty moments. This manner of a book has been around for some time. Do me a favor and think of your most favorite novel. Not just a fun or enjoyable novel but one that you could read over and over.

For me, it was none other than The Hobbit and then after it The Lord of the rings. These were pure storytelling at their best. A world, a story, a passionate crew and most of all no erotica. Now I know what you’re thinking, those books were released decades ago and you’d be right. If however tastes had changed to the point were erotica and cursing were needed to prop up all stories then those books would have stayed covered in dust. When the films based upon the books were released from 2001 onwards the books flew off the shelves again. Is the series finally dead? No! Amazon has bought the rights to make a television series for a staggering $250 million. Not something to sniff at I say! If we add the reported $750 million they plan on spending creating the programme then I say to you bravo!

For a book that can be described as wholesome to be such a success only can drive forward the authors that value plot and character development without titillation.

Are you an Author that would describe themselves as a purist? Then I want to hear from you! I will freely review your book because of the stand you make for literature.

Only a matter of weeks ago I asked an author why they put a sex scene in their book. Their response was that they thought it wouldn’t sell as well if it there was no erotica.

Go to Amazon and look up clean and wholesome romances. You will see many books with plenty of reviews.

If this isn’t a testament of potential then I don’t know what is.


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