Why writer’s need a break.

It was Saturday night and I had the grand idea of writing a blog and postponing it’s publishing until Monday.

I sat at the keyboard and prepared to mash away the next important topic that came into my skull. The difficulty with that was nothing would come. It was 11pm and I was just after writing the guts of 3000 words and now there was nothing.

The difficulty that every writer has is they feel the need to bury themselves in work in the hope of becoming the next Rowling or Tolkien.

The brain was never designed to run all day and night without rest. Take your car for instance, the more you use it, the quicker it needs serviced.

Studies have shown that regular rest days can benefit physical and mental recovery. That’s why I spent yesterday with my wife, my son and my parents. We had a great day with plenty of fun and conversation and do you know what? I feel refreshed today and ready to go again. Usually I write with intensity most days and run with even more intensity in the evenings. I ran a 5k then the next day a 10k and the day after that a 6k two weeks back. The resulting burnout has injured my left calf and I’m working my way to full fitness again.

The lesson hit me hard as my progress has been set back weeks. I don’t intend on making the same mistake with my writing.

Moral of the story – take a day off regularly and spend it with friends and family, you won’t regret it.


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