Writers block

Personally, I’m not one of those people.  I don’t suffer from writer’s block,  I don’t suffer from can’t do.  I’m one of those people that run headlong into a brick wall and knocks himself out.


From a young age, I was always third.  Third in every race on sports day in school, third when it came to class marks and third in blinking everything.  That was until I learned to focus and make an effort.  All those thirds were a mediocre result due to lack of effort and once I dedicated myself to hard work things got better.  The dedication was the problem, for much of my childhood I wanted to play PlayStation.  That is until I became a father, now I want to write, I want to work and I want to run.


When I began writing back in January I was told there were two types of writers.  Those that spent all day trying to write the most perfect ten words and those that hammered the keyboard and edited it afterward.  I’m the latter.  That’s not to say I write great work,  rather than I spend a lot of time editing afterward.


My perfect day is between two to three thousand words and then stop and edit.  To me the story must have the pre-eminence above good writing, once the story is down the messenger(grammar) can be fixed.


By focusing and settling down to hard work I have managed 2 novellas and a short story since January and I’m on my third novella.  the most encouraging thing is that people are leaving good reviews.


And this is my point that I want to get to.  At the start of this week, I suffered my first writing block.  It was awful, simple words wouldn’t appear on the page and so instead of mashing the keyboard with my fist I went on Facebook and offered to give other authors free reviews.

Two things came out of this.  I read nine books this week. (I speed read) but in saying that two were short stories and one a book of poetry.  I finished the books left reviews, blogged about the books and talked with the authors.  I received so many messages of thanks for doing it and they also asked to read my books.  On top of that, my writer’s block disappeared and I found the books I read helped with my writing.


Moral of the Story – Put the pen down every now and again and help another author.  There is so much room at the top we need to help each other and encourage each other to get there.


If you’re an author and you want a review then leave a comment with your e-mail address and we can read each others books.  When I have a few moments I will help you out.


Until next time read plenty and stay in touch!




5 thoughts on “Writers block

  1. I can relate to your statements. In my case, since my primary profession is different, and I have a 2.5 yr old son, it was a big block in the beginning, but when I decided the plot, I just wrote a paragraph, and wired the story up and down. I was those 4th in everything category when I was in school. It’s really good that you wrote about how you got out of the block. It’s kind of a refresher. All your books are in my “To read” list. I am just waiting for my kindle subscription 🙂 I wish you all the best for the remaining books.

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    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. I love the way a lot of peoples school experiences have similarities i.e how we were always ok but never top. I find that life has a purpose and maybe writer’s block is ordained as a way to keep us from overworking that we take a break and read for a while. I look forward to you reading my books.

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  2. That’s amazing that you can write so much at a time! I write for about 30 mins everyday and honestly that’s just something I started doing. I haven’t really gotten true writers block, but more of a fear that I won’t get things right. Great post!


    1. Hi Tiana. I found the secret was to close my eyes for a moment, put on headphones and randomly select music. The emotions that the music brought then in turned brought the story. Usually when the playlist ends I stop writing for a moment. I find the more emotions I get from music the more passionate my writing. 30 minutes a day is really good. Consistently is key. Never fear a bad book, fear an uninteresting story. Make mistakes and edit them later, get lost in the mind of creativity. If you need someone to read over your work I do that for free when I’ve writer’s block or when I need a break.

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      1. I might take you up on that someday. Like you said right now I just need to write everything out until the story feels like it’s at its end. It’s an oddly introspective fantasy and so it’s a bit slow paced and sometimes I fear that for some that can be boring, but I know for sure that I just need to write this first draft so that I can make the 2nd draft amazing. I write with music too. Oddly any music so long as I don’t know the song too well (although if I’m deep in writing it doesn’t matter). One day I hope to slowly make the 30 mins a longer time, but for now baby steps.

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