Blood Frost: Ankarrah Chronicles Book One – by J.D. Dexter

Blood Frost by J.D. Dexter was an interesting take on Urban Fantasy.


The first thing you notice when you open the pages is that the book is relevant.  The author makes mention of different events and things that help make the book feel like it belongs in this world.  On top of that, the writing is addictive and the relationships that are built between Finley and her “brothers” and those around them help you to care for Finley from the get-go.

Free on KU or $9.99 on paperback, it is a steal for a novel that will have you tempted to fast forward to the end to see how it goes.  The characters are written very life like,  quite often authors make their characters emotionless superhuman selfless messiahs but not in Blood Frost.  The only difficulty I have with the book is I need to learn more about the bad guys, this isn’t a fault of the novel or the author, merely just that I need the next book to better grasp the dimensions of the aspect of the book that I can’t tell you about without giving too much away.

If I were able I would give this book 6 stars simple for the combination of addictive story and easy to read writing.

Find it on Amazon.




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