The Chosen One: An Urban Fantasy Series – by A.J. Riley

Another day another book to read and when I was sent this book for review I tried to cast in my mind another book it was similar to.


It reminded me somewhat of “The Hunger Games”  with its style of writing and a strong female lead.  The way the author puts together the story you get a drift of the villan from the start but not the entire crux of the situation.  If I explain anymore than that I will ruin the plot for you.


Syd (short for Sydney ) is about to turn 21, a time when most go to see a Seer to be told her future.  Many kids grow up with powers and to grow up without powers seems to be an undesirable life.  From the first few chapters we know where Syd is going but not how she is going to get there.  To give you an example the unlocking of Syd’s powers and the intensity of her circle of freinds adds a new flavour to books with heros.  Whereas many books have a stand alone here with buddies tagging along A.J. Riley turns this on its head in a way that the reader will find interesting.


I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it and look eagerly for the next book in the series.

Five stars for an excellent book.



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