Not all books are the same.  Each book is a portal to someone mind where endless possibilities can happen.


I was sent Me She Us to read and read it I did.


The first thing I want you to consider is English is not Sourav Das’s first language so in such circumstances I ignore spelling and grammar mistakes if there are but only a few.


The story consists of male and female leads who are only ever referred to as he or she.  This is a deliberate decision by the author and although I respect his creative vision it left me struggling to connect a little with the characters.


Other than that the book is a boy meets girl love story that starts in school and leads on into later life.  At times the chapters jump back and forward in time but it is clearly labeled and adds well to the story for clarity.

The one thing I was left wondering was whether the author himself was the character in question and therefore left out names.  Take a read

4 stars



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