Commitment to your goals. (Writing books)

In any walk of life there are a few things that are required for success.  Among these and ranking with the most important  is continuing commitment.


Most of us has taken a notion at some stage or other for a hobby or skill and yet not carried through with it in the end.  Most reasons for failure are due or linked to the one problem, weariness leading to lack of continuing commitment.


For me I was no different, I hadn’t found what I really loved doing and so when things didn’t take off like lightening It was me that took off.


Attempts at rags to riches ranged from bespoke furniture manufacturing to youtubing sensation. All these fell by the wayside.


I want you to take a look at your hobby or future money spinner and ask you one question.


Do you love doing it?


If there is no love then it can’t and won’t last for hard times always arrive at some point.

Enjoy what you do and do it with a heart to make it the best yet not with the sole goal of becoming rich.  The desire for riches make the most patient person irritated that success has not arrived.  The love for your work makes you want to be the best at what you do.


That’s why I write now.  I like telling stories.  Watching the book come together and finish with a cover makes me feel like I’ve done something well regardless of how many or few it sells.  For me it’s about a story, there will always be faults but every story I tell I aim to be better than the last.  Spelling mistakes are something that plagued my first book and I had to go back a few times to fix them but the story was what made me happy.  When you write a universe, one that exists in your head and that develops into this story of beauty.  Was Tolkien attempting to become rich when he wrote The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings? No he made the stories to firstly entertain his children and also to test ways of using mythic constricts.  If you look at his writing you can see a heavy Norse influence In his stories. Characters, places and monsters all can be seen as having that Norse link.


So I send you on your way with one price of advice.

Do what you do because you love it, committed to it because you enjoy it and one day it could be legendary.

The link to one of my books is below. I don’t ask that you buy it, nor do I ask that you like it, just see that I love it and apply the same love to your goals.

Follow any new releases on my new Twitter site.



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