Do What you Love (Writing Books)


This may seem like a strange deviation from my previous articles but stay tuned so I may tell you the reason why.

In previous articles, I’ve pointed out the means of keeping yourself healthy and happy.  To me, before you can really chase the wealth aspect of life you have to hit the right notes on how you treat yourself.

For me, this has taken the form of releasing books.  Old fashioned? Never! for they are EBooks.  To me, I’m healthy and comfortable and now I have a means to an end.  A Goal, a target and a way to vent should stress creep up on me.

The two links below are the books I released.  Did I release them to get rich? No,  I released them because I’m content and I have stories to tell now.  My body is healthy and happy and now my mind is free from fog.

It’s important that you fill your life with goals and targets to reach.  Have you achieved the health you desired? Yes then push on and don’t sit still! Plan ahead and plough that extra energy into YOU!  Write those book! Record that music! Run that Marathon! Will you be perfect first try? Probably not.  Will you be perfect after practice? YES




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