Back Ache

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people go about life with aches and pains but are unwilling to do anything about them.   I for one used to be one of them a couple years back I would come home from work absolutely exhausted and couldn’t figure out why.  My back ached and my body felt like it was running on empty so you know what I did?  I switched the television on.  A great cure wasn’t it?  Eventually, things came to a head when I struggled to exercise without needing to lie down.  The thing that was wrong with me?  My back was out of alignment.  A Quick 20-minute visit to the Osteopath and that was me fixed.  I kid you not.  I didn’t feel 100% that night but by the next morning, I couldn’t feel all the aches that held me back.

Now I know what your thinking, not all pains come from needing realignment and that’s a valid point but just imagine if the pain in your back could be fixed with a twenty-minute appointment.  The cost? Fifty Quid.  Fifty Quid and the agony was gone.  Men seem to be the worst for ignoring body pain but the thing that gets me is how the pain effects other aspects of life.

Have you ever noticed how someone in pain is constantly on edge?  Now imagine that all day long every day?

So what does the Osteopath do?  Well, in a nutshell, they realign the muscles and bones etc in your body.  In every day life, we can knock ribs or pull muscles out of alignment very easily by bending over the wrong way or getting a knock in football.  It makes sense that workplaces are all about health and safety in this day and age,  good lifting practice is especially pushed in warehousing to keep us from hurting our backs.  When those accidents do happen Osteopathy puts those tweaks back into alignment.

I was at work today and my back has been killing me since last Tuesday, unfortunately, I couldn’t get an appointment until tonight.  The pain and discomfort were so bad I had to take regular breaks.  After laying awkwardly when I was sleeping I woke with awful pain.  Even standing straight was difficult.  I went to the osteopath 2 hours ago and I feel 90% there and by the morning the muscle spasms in my back should be gone.

So tell me this, have you back pain that could possibly be remedied by a visit tot he Osteopath because when you have that ache in your life it’s unlikely that you will fulfil your potential in other areas.



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