This is definitely intended to be a short blog.


What the heck is reflexology and how is it going to make me happy or rich?

A bit blunt but that was my exact thought before I tried it.

Reflexology is applied to your feet by a reflexologist.  If I were a caveman I would say a nice person comes and massages your feet then you pay them money and that’s it.

The thing is it’s not a massage its a treatment. Apparently, your entire immune system runs through your body and your feet is where you can help it by pressuring or rubbing/massaging different parts of your feet. This causes the gunk that builds up to move on.

Of course, my first thought was that of a resounding NO…though I changed my mind… and I’m glad.

Just think of it this way. Imagine pipes in a house. The pipes run through the house around it and out carrying whatever you wash down your sink.  The same seems to be suggested in reflexology.  If you have a cold or have had a cold it can be treated by reflexology.  By rubbing a certain area of your feet you can help sinuses, eyes, adrenals, hell you can treat any part of your body that gets sick or has gunk running through it.

Is it a cure for the plague? No, but what it is is a blessing for general wellness.   I personally have felt better and the reason I mentioned adrenals is due to the fact it’s helped me.  I deliberately didn’t tell the reflexologist things that were wrong with me so to catch her out… she came along started on my feet and within 30 seconds “you were driving today your eyes hurt”  ” you’ve been weary as your adrenals aren’t as good as they could be”  I was just like “WITCHDOCTOR!!!”  I jest.

I challenge you to read up on it and get 2-3 treatments.  You won’t regret it… well maybe it isn’t for you but it helped me Gods honest truth.

Once again I stress health before wealth




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