My experience with Migraines

Migraine Relief is an odd subject to start with.  For the most part, I would have thought a get rich quick scheme or find your inner zen would be what most people look for when looking for contentment and satisfaction.

The reason I choose Migraine relief is due to the simple fact that even though I have a couple houses(I’m not bragging) even though I and my wife have good jobs which pay well (which I am thankful to God for) even though after 8 years of trying we have a child…….  Migraines were ruining my life.

You see if you have a pocket full of cash, a big house, all the friends in the world and yet your body hates you then you have nothing.

RULE : 1

Wealth must first come from inside.

It simple and straightforward.  My lifestyle was killing me.  I had a bad diet, Stress in my job and later to learn photophobia which is an extreme sensitivity to sunlight in my eyes.

Two things happened.

1: Change my job

2: Change my health

The first thing I did was go to my boss and gave him two options relocate me or sack me.  If I had told myself to do this I wouldn’t have listened so I just did it… and it worked.  You see a good work ethic had paid dividends.  He moved me from a job where I was in direct sunlight to one where I was indoors.


Next came the diet you see I have always paid my health a little attention but not enough to warrant any results.  What happened when I changed my diet WOW could you see the difference.   I did my research on what was good what was bad, cut out caffine_i.e coffee and sugary drinks) and started exercising more and set a more routine sleeping pattern at nights.

On top of that and this is my final point when the migraines did appear and with photophobia or heat sensitivity people will always have migraines waiting in the background to pounce.  When the pain did come it was far easier beat with 3 things

2 Glasses of freezing water

2 Panadol Extra

1 Roll on Menthol for forehead



This seems extremely easy.  But once I cut the direct sunlight, diet and stress the migraines became controllable.

I hope this helps you and that if you look after your health first then there won’t be any holdups going for external wealth and happiness

I will continue in future blogs with more therapies I have tried along with looking deeper into photophobia for those that suffer from it.





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