You need Green Tea

green tea

Just so you know I was and always have been up until a year ago been a coffee man.  I loved coffee .. it was like golden nectar in the morning… I’m colour blind ok and I know it’s not golden but… the taste was sex…

Fast forward through years of caffeine and I’m now coffee free.

The truth of the matter is I was taking 9 cups a day of the strong stuff, not the mellow birds kind.  It was burning my guts and adding to my migraine problem (see one of the previous blogs for that).

Someone mentioned green tea and I laughed.  Then i started to get really bad health and I figured green tea was an option as its meant to help clear the toxins out of your body and now I drink 5 cups of green tea a day.

Now the coffee purists are going to be calling for a hanging but I don’t regret ditching coffee for a minute.  The cravings and the comedown shortly after I gave up coffee was bad but no worse than a night out or a short illness.

You see green tea or as I take it green tea with lemon is apparently an antiinflammatory meaning its good for people with migraines or inflammation.  It does have drawbacks for some eye conditions or people with thyroid problems but other than that drinking a few cups of it shouldn’t harm you in the least and will help clear out your body of toxins and gunk.

There are different brands and flavours but like I said take it with lemon or pre-flavoured with lemon… the basic green tea tastes like bag…

As part of my routine to make sure migraines don’t return i take a cup every morning without fail along with my overnight oats.

Take a look and try it and let me know what you think




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