Family Fight against PCOS

I wrote this blog about a year ago but never published it don’t ask me why but here it is.


The confessions of a sceptic.

 That’s what the title should have been for this blog.  I’ll be honest I hold little love for doctors to the point where my wife thinks I’m afraid of them.  It used to be I would go to them for anything….  now even if I was crawling along the floor in agony I would still tend to brush it off as an inconvenience.

It was a year ago roughly that my wife mentioned taking a holistic approach to see if it would help our endeavours of getting pregnant.  I dismissed it with a nod and mutter of “sure why not” like I did on most things when I’d lost confidence.

It should really be my wife writing this blog as she was the one getting the treatment but then again she doesn’t suffer from the need to put thoughts on paper as I do.

A list of ailments we already knew off and which the medical profession had for many years been unable to do anything about their treatments just postponing the visit to another time.  Ailments such as PCOS, irritable bowel being another and my wife looking constantly like a drained ghost would be enough to leave anyone depressed.

We promised at the start to give the holistic approach between 6 months and a year and that’s what we did.  The diagnoses at the start pointed out several food allergies, constipation and stress to be the major factors.

One particular problem we faced was doubt.  The remedies weren’t cheap and after 6-9 months we counted over £1000 of treatment ranging from drops to put in water to reflexology.

Little by little she got healthier and looked better.  My wife went from nearly 10 stone (140lbs) and looking like a ghost to 8 stone 12 (124lbs)  and looking fit.  She stayed off foods she was intolerant to whilst eating as much of healthy foods as she could take.  She has always exercised but now could do it with worrying about irritable bowel or other inconveniences.

We got to Christmas 2015 healthy but no pregnancy and doubts began to appear but we decided to see out the 12 month period .. the one thing we wanted was a child.

Come march…. we had a positive test and tested again to make sure.. then another…. and then the doctors confirmed it .. Rachel was pregnant..  I can’t put on paper how happy I was.. nothing … nothing can describe the feeling of joy.

I felt like writing this to give others struggling to have a family hope and faith that they may still have that family.

Was it a coincidence .. I don’t think so, not after 7 years of nothing happening

Was it cheap…. NOOOO

Was it worth it …. Yes and still is.

What is holistic treatment about? As a husband from a spectators point of view… feeding your body what it needs to be healthy whilst cutting out what it can’t take and also fixing the damage that has been done over time with wear and tear for instance spinal position etc

Its worth a try and I promise you if you don’t feel better after 6 months then i will eat my hat.

For the record, the clinic we attended is:


The kathleen Ward Clinic

Co Monaghan



Andrew McDermott


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